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Welcome to the "Bayesian Analysis of Common NMR Problems" software home page. This Bayesian analysis software is a series of programs with a Java interface that use Bayesian probability theory to solve common data analysis problems that occur in the sciences and in NMR in particular. Click here for a complete list of the applications addressed and click for a copy of the manual

The programs that run the various Bayesian analysis, the server software, were developed at Washington University by Dr. G. Larry Bretthorst and the Java language client interface was developed by Dr. Karen Marutyan. The combination of the server and client software is called the "Bayesian Analysis of Common NMR Problems" software. However, this name is slightly misleading because this software can analyze data from many different sources, not just NMR data. Additionally, unlike the previous interface to this software, this new interface does not require the user to have access to any specialized NMR software, i.e., this interface is completely independent of Varian's VnmrJ, although the interface can load and process data from a Varian spectrometer. The user manual for the Bayesian Analysis Software, can be downloaded here.

The new Bayesian Analysis software is a client/server based software package that analyzes common problems in NMR. These problems include analysis of exponentially decaying data, finding sinusoids, magnetization transfer problems, image phasing and many others. The client machine(s), usually a PC, runs the Java interface and this interface is used to load data and to set up the analysis. The client machine(s) can be a Windows PC, Sun, LinuxPC or any other machine that can run Java 6 or higher. When an analysis is run, the client machine bundles the job into a tar file and sends it via the Internet to a server that unpacks the tar file and then runs the analysis. The server(s) can be a multi-core LinuxPC either 32 or 64 bit running GNU/Linux (CentOS 4.7 or higher) or a Sun system running Solaris 9 or 10.

The installation procedure, described here, will configure a server to run the Bayesian Analysis software. When the installation procedure is completed, all of the software, including the Java interface, is installed on your server and your installation is standalone. Your only interactions with Washington University is when you updated or when you check to see if updates are available.

If you would like to see the new interface and see what packages are available, you can bring up a copy of it on any machine that has Java 6.0 or higher. Issue the command from the "run" window or type this command into a command prompt:

javaws http://bayes.wustl.edu/Bayes/launch.jnlp

This command will bring up the interface. On this interface you will be able to look at the various packages, load data, FID's and images just as if you had installed the software. However, until you install the server software on one of your local machines you will not actually be able to run an analysis.

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